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Category: Anal sex stories. Butt lovers and ass freaks are most welcome, sometimes you feel that the pussy is too wide for you, you want something really tight and

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Ten Rules of Anal Sex by Jack Morin. Jack Morin, PhD, a San Francisco sex therapist and researcher, is the author of Anal Pleasure and Health: A Guide for Men and Women


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Oct 05, 2012 · A new — and almost entirely unreported — study about anal sex and pain shows how little we really know about it

Even with lots of lube and my hubby going s-l-o-w, I TOTALLY do NOT like Anal. Plus, he HAS to cum in my ass and it’s so MESSY! I’m not a prude – I love almost all of

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Anal Sex Anal sex is often confused with sodomy. In actuality, the two are quite distinct. Sodomy refers to a moral crime (engaging in “unnatural” sexual acts) and/or

What 9 Women Wish They Knew About Anal Sex Before They Tried It Bypass any anal obstacles with this advice. By Zahra Barnes July 23, 2015

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