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Meg Ryan. Find on IMDB; Find on Wikipedia; Reviewed Filmography * Articles; The Women (2008) — Mary Haines Roger Ebert Against the Ropes (2004) — Jackie Kallen

1. Prince Avalanche (2013) 10 Words or Fewer Summary: Texas highwaymen make penis jokes, struggle with women, get existential

Jan 11, 2009 · Seth Tells Evan about his Habit as a .

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Jun 07, 2016 · From “A Rebel Without A Cause,” to “The Breakfast Club,” to “Clueless,” here are the 14 classic teen movies that defined the last 60s years of teendom.

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Apr 09, 2015 · Coming of age movies can be the most amusing. Here are 16 of the best movies about losing your virginity that every virgin must watch right now.

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Bong Joon-ho’s all-star eco-fantasy is a little bit of Spielberg, a little bit of Miyazaki and a whole lot of oddball ‘Baby Driver’ Review: Buckle Up For Edgar Wright

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This Vulture List has been updated to include Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. The Judd Apatow Cinematic Universe is more than the work of just one man. And yet

I’ve spent years refining my taste in comedy so I wish I could explain why there is still nothing funnier to me than raunchy teen failures. Genre be damned, I

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