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SIGNUP: Registers for text messaging service: TEST: Tests your connection. HL: Request a list of items currently on hold. OL: Request a list of current overdue items.

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Terms Conditions for the Text, Picture and Video Messaging service.

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Get Cell Phone & Smartphone features like safety, insurance, family, messaging & voice, data & internet services from AT&T

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Shop anytime, anywhere with the convenient Toys”R”Us and Babies”R”Us Mobile Apps.

Text messaging is a popular way to communicate noiselessly by cell phone. Texting is easy once you know how your phone functions and get used to the correspondence

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Learn to send and receive text messages, how to store your texts and block unwanted texts, and how you are charged for texts by plan.

Do you get frustrated when you miss out on time-sensitive hot deals and freebies? Don’t you wish there was a way to be alerted when a hot deal is available?!

Get discounted rates for long distance calling & international roaming with AT&T PREPAID. Unlimited talk & text plan available in the U.S., Mexico & Canada.

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Text messaging, also referred to as SMS (short Message Service) or simply “texting,” is a feature available with practically all mobile phones, allowing people to

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